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The Church of Santa Maria della Piazza: photos, description Santa Maria della Piazza)

Santa Maria della Piazza - a beautiful Romanesque Church in Florence, built between the 11th and 12th centuries. Earlier in its place were two small early Christian churches, datirovaniya 6-7-th centuries. Part of the current flooring of the temple is made of glass to allow visitors to see fragments of those ancient buildings.

The Church of Santa Maria della Piazza has the shape of a rectangle with a Central nave, two side aisles and a slightly raised apse. The lower part of the facade is decorated with numerous false arched openings, while the Central part you can see the statue of the blessed virgin Mary. At the top is located a rectangular window - it was made after the earthquake of 1690, the year as a brick part standing next to the bell tower. On the facade the beginning of the 13th century worked as a Master Filippo, as evidenced by the inscription in the lunette, an arched portal - the creation of the Master Leonardo. Master Filippo was also the author of the reconstruction of the Romanesque Cathedral of San Leopardo and the Church of San Flowed in Winter.

Under the building of Santa Maria del Piazza, as mentioned above, the fragments of two early Christian churches with ancient mosaics. The oldest fragments belong to the building, which was destroyed probably during the Gothic wars in the 6th century. Above them are the ruins of the more recent and less elegant buildings. Amongst the ruins under the Church it is possible to allocate a well, some frescoes and traces of the Greek walls.

Once in the Church of Santa Maria della Piazza kept the painting "Altarpiece of Adelard" by Lorenzo Lotto, which today can be seen in the Municipal art gallery of Ancona.