/ / The Church of Santa Maria del Giglio: photo, description Santa Maria del Giglio)

The Church of Santa Maria del Giglio: photo, description Santa Maria del Giglio)

The Church of Santa Maria del Giglio is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches of Venice. The name translates as the Church of the blessed virgin Mary of the Lilies, reminiscent of lilies, donated to the virgin by the Archangel Gabriel in the Annunciation. However this temple is better known as Santa Maria, Zobenigo - by the name of the Slavic family who founded the Church back in the 9th century. The building is on the Campo Santa Maria Zobenigo to the West of San Marco square. Between 1678 and 1681 m over the years, the Church was rebuilt by the architect Giuseppe Sardi for Admiral Antonio Barbaro. Since then, she always attracts attention with its unusual Baroque façade. It is traditional statues of saints you can see the outlines of the cities of Rome, Padua, and Corfu, split, and Zadar Candia, which was once Antonio Barbaro. His own statue in the center framed by allegorical representations of Honour, Virtue, Fame and Wisdom. On top of the facade you can see a bas-relief depicting the family coat of arms Barbaro.

Inside the Church of Santa Maria del Giglio is stored only in Venice a canvas of the great Flemish Rubens "the Holy family" and two paintings by Tintoretto, behind the throne. The arches of the Central nave is decorated with paintings of Antonio Zanchi, and its wall - paintings of different artists, including Francesco Zugno, Giambattista Crosato, Gaspare, Diziani and Jacopo Marieschi. Over on worked for such masters as Alessandro Vittoria, Sebastiano Ricci, Giambattista Piazzetta, Jacopo Palma and Gian Maria Morlaiter. Delicately decorated with three lateral chapels of the Church and the apse. Above the main altar, on either side of the tabernacle, we see two sculptures of Enrico Merengo, depicting the Annunciation.