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The Church of Santa Maria del Carmine: photos, description Santa Maria del Carmine)

Santa Maria del Carmine Church in Pavia, is considered one of the most outstanding examples of Lombard Gothic architecture. Its construction was started in 1374, the year by order of the Duke of Milan Gian Galeazzo Visconti and lasted almost a hundred years - it was completed only in 1461, the year. The author of the project of the Church regard the architect Bernardo da Venezia.

Santa Maria del Carmine is notable for the impressive facade, which dominates the homonymous square. Simple forms of the building give the residual influence of the Romanesque style, and here his decorations are, undoubtedly belong to the style of the Lombard Gothic. Facade with six columns, crowned by spires, divided into five vertical parts. Three Central portals are converted in 1854 by the project of Giuseppe Marchesi. Above the portals there are four pointed arched Windows and graceful-window brick. Attracts attention and the bell tower, Dating from the mid 15th century, it has numerous friezes and a triple mullioned window with marble columns.

The interior of Santa Maria del Carmine is immersed in the penumbra. He made the plan of a Latin cross with Central nave and numerous lateral chapels with frescoes and paintings. The most prominent are the second chapel with a fresco by Vincenzo Foppa the 15th century, the fourth chapel to paintings by Sebastiano Ricci, the fifth chapel "Assumption of the virgin Mary" Bernardo cane, the sixth chapel from the altar follows the work of Guglielmo Caccia and seventh chapel with a Gothic altar with the image presented by the Pope Pius X, and the polyptych of the 15th century by Bernardo da Cotignola. In the transept you can also see frescoes of the 15th century, and in the sacristy - Baroque stucco.