/ / The Church of Santa Maria di Castello: photo, description Santa Maria di Castello)

The Church of Santa Maria di Castello: photo, description Santa Maria di Castello)

Santa Maria di Castello Church, which is part of the religious complex of the Dominican order. It is located on the hill of Castello in Genoa, the place where once stood the Roman fortress. At the side of the Church stands a huge tower, Torre Embriaci.

Santa Maria di Castello, built in the Romanesque style, was built about 900 ad Today in its walls you can see many works of art donated by noble families of Genoa, is a work of such masters as Francesco Maria Schiaffino, Lorenzo Fasolo, Alessandro Gherardini, Giuseppe Palmieri, Francesco Boccaccino, pier Francesco Sacchi, etc., notably the frescoes depicting "Stories of David", and majolica painted pottery of the 16th century, made by local artists.

The Church altar is decorated with marble a composition of the late 17th century "assumption of the blessed virgin Mary" the work of Domenico Parodi. In the chapel to the left of the presbytery is located the painting of "Santa Rosa of Lima" painted by Domenico Piola. In another chapel you can see the painting "Madonna del Rosario", a masterpiece by Anton Maria Maragliano.

The baptistery boasts of a polyptych, written by Lombard masters in the 15th century. The main entrance to the Church made in the Tuscan style in the mid 15th century and surrounded by a Gothic lunette of the 14th century - arched openings.

A covered gallery, facing one of lutrov painted with frescos with images of saints, Madonnas and Annunciation of the work of Giusto D Alemannia 1451. On the upper floor of the gallery is a statue of St. Catherine of Alexandria and a marble ark, the creation of which is attributed to Domenico Gagini.