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The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore: photo description (Santa Maria Maggiore)

Santa Maria Maggiore - Church of the 15th century in the resort town of Sirmione on lake Garda, built on the site of a preexisting Lombard Church of San Martino in Castro. This parish Church in late Gothic style located in the heart of the medieval Sirmione and is one of the most outstanding examples of local architecture of that period.

Inside the single-nave Church, divided by three arcades, decorated with ancient frescoes, paintings and terracotta figurines. Here in the apse has a statue of the Madonna delle Neve 15th century and a wooden statue of the Madonna on the Throne made in our time. Particularly noteworthy are the painting of the last supper, painted by the artist of the Venetian school, and a Crucifix of the 16th century, attributed to Brusasorzi. Noteworthy is also the wooden choir, the elegant design of the Church's apse, five altars and its outer buttresses. The main entrance consists of a covered gallery with five arches, which was once part of the nearby cemetery. One of the milestones, standing to the right of the facade probably belonged to the same Church San Martino in Castro - he's a much older Church. The bell tower rising nearby, according to legend, was built from one of the towers of the Scaligero Castle. The Church itself is located near this powerful medieval fortress, which became one of the main tourist attractions of Sirmione. Santa Maria Maggiore has a unique features and exquisite scenery.