/ / The Church of Santa Maria dei Servi: photos, description Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Servi)

The Church of Santa Maria dei Servi: photos, description Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Servi)

Santa Maria dei Servi, the Church of the 14th century in Padua, facing the street of via Roma. In the Church there are important works of art including a wooden crucifix by Donatello.

The construction of the Church was carried out from 1372 to 1390, the first years under the auspices of FINA, Buzzaccarini, wife of Francis Da Carrara, Duke of Padua. The building was erected on the ruins of the old Palace of Nicholas Carrara, demolished in 1327, the year. In 1393, the year the new Church was transferred to the monastic order of the Servants of the blessed virgin Mary. In the 16th century someone Bartolomeo campolongo, built the temple cloister of the ten columns of red marble. Columns were brought from the famous Basilica Antoniana and once adorned the chapel of the 14th century. At the beginning of the 19th century the Church was transferred to the state, where he remained for one and a half centuries. Despite this, in 1920-ies it was carried out the restoration work aimed at returning the Church to the original appearance of the 14th century. Inside the Church are buried some of the outstanding personalities of Padua: lawyer Paolo Castro and his son Angelo, count Emilio Raimondo, Campolongo, many professors and doctors.

The Gothic Church of Santa Maria dei Servi is oriented from North to South, parallel to the city streets. The facade, supported by pilasters and arches, decorated with an elegant portal in the style of the Lombard Gothic. You should pay attention to the huge Gothic portal of the end of the 14th century with red and white marble. The doors of the 15th century decorated with carving in the Lombard style. The apse of the Church is "hidden" among adjacent buildings.

The right of the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi, stands the bell tower of the 14th century, supported by pilasters and arches. The bell tower itself is decorated with Gothic Windows. In 2004, the year the bell tower was restored, and on this occasion all her bells were electrified.