/ / The Church of Santa Sofia in Anacapri: photo description (Chiesa di Santa Sofia)

The Church of Santa Sofia in Anacapri: photo description (Chiesa di Santa Sofia)

The Church of Santa Sofia is located in Piazza Diaz in the town of Anacapri on the island of Capri. Dates back to 1596, the year when it received the status of a parish Church is the Church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli. Some building materials and architectural elements, such as the sacristy, was taken from the older Church of San Carlo. The chapel of the Church dedicated to Saint Antonio, the patron Saint of Anacapri, and the Madonna del Buon Consiglio,. The Church of Santa Sofia, is notable for its two bell towers and Baroque façade.

Probably the Church of Santa Sofia was built in the late 16th century on the spot where once stood the Church of San Carlo, though the facade you can see the date "1510". In 1642, the year the Church building was finally completed, and it was the urban parish Church of Anacapri. The oldest part of the building is the chapel, it was probably built on the site of the ancient temple of San Carlo. In 1698, the year the Church was extended - was built two chapels, and the nave enlarged in the direction of the square. Further modifications took place in 1706, 1765, and 1777-m. In 1790, the year Bishop Capri Nicola Saverio, Gamboni officially consecrated the Church of Santa Sofia. A century later the Church was enlarged chancel.

Today, the Church of Santa Sofia is in the form of a Latin cross with Central nave and side chapels and a dome rising above the intersection of nave and transept. The dome is supported by four huge arches. In 2004, the year he was hit with a lightning strike, with the result that he was severely damaged, but to date, the dome is fully restored. In addition to the main dome in the Church has five smaller domes. In a square apse of the Church a marble altar 18-hoveka.

On the facade of the Church you can see two statues - of St. Antonio and St. Sophia, are both the work of the Roman sculptor Neni (or Nene). The main entrance is decorated with stucco, and small side doors surmounted by oval Windows. To the left of the facade shows the bell tower with two a clock and three bells, dedicated to Holy Sophia, Mary, and Elia.