/ / Church of Sant Ilario and Port Aurea: photos, description (Sant'ilario a Port Aurea)

Church of Sant Ilario and Port Aurea: photos, description (Sant'ilario a Port Aurea)

Sant llario and Port Aurea - a former Church, one of the oldest buildings of Benevento belonging to the era of the Lombards. It is located on via San Pasquale, which was once part of the ancient Trajan road, on a small square, enclosed by a wall. The name of the Church comes from the Arch of Trajan, which in the middle Ages was known as Porta Aurea.

Church of Sant Ilario has a simple rectangular shape with a semicircular apse. On the building of the tower, two small towers with tile roof of different heights, and below them are two domes that are visible from the inside. The Church has two entrances: one is located in the wall that faces the Arch of Trajan, the second is in the apse. Inside both entrances are connected by a walkway.

Today Sant'ilario and Port Aurea is the responsibility of the Ministry for cultural heritage and activities of Italy - here are planning to arrange videomouse: using projectors on the walls of the Church will be on display a half-hour film "Story Arch".

Probably, the Church of Sant Ilario is of Lombard origin (6-7-th century) - it was built on the ruins of an ancient temple. And the first mention of it nearby the monastery is found in 1148, the year. At the end of the 17th century, the Church was secularized and turned into a peasant's house. Over the past century the appearance of the building has changed several times, and today little remains of its original structure. Only in 1952, the year began the first restoration works of the Church, which was supported by Mario Rotili, mayor of Benevento in 1956-63-m years. Finally, the restoration of the ancient buildings was completed only in 2003-m to year.