/ / The Church of Santo Sepolcro: photos, description Chiesa di Santo Sepolcro)

The Church of Santo Sepolcro: photos, description Chiesa di Santo Sepolcro)

Santo Sepolcro is a Church in Pisa, whose name literally translates as "the Church of the Holy Sepulchre". It was built in the early 12th century by the architect, Diotisalvi that forty years later worked on the famous Pisa Baptistery and Cathedral. Initially the Church was intended for the knights Hospitaller. Until the 16th century octagonal building of the Santo Sepolcro was surrounded by a covered gallery. The vestibule is the Central dome, supported by eight pointed arches, has a very majestic appearance.

The name of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is not a coincidence - the fact that here some time kept relics from this Temple in Jerusalem, which brought Pisa by Archbishop Dagobert, who participated in the First Crusade. Moreover, the very structure is reminiscent of the dome of the Rock on the Temple mount in Jerusalem captured by the crusaders in 1099.

From the Hospitallers the Church of Santo Sepolcro moved to the Order of the knights of Malta, the successors of the Hospitallers. Since 1817, when the order was abolished, the building began to decline. Only in 1849, began restoration work, during which it was discovered the original flooring, which was located a metre below street level. In order to return the Church its medieval appearance, it was decided to demolish the cloister of the Renaissance and stone arches. The interior was renovated in Baroque style in 1720, was also destroyed. Remained only the ark of the 15th-century bust of Saint Ubaldesca, tombstone of Maria Mancini, niece of the famous cardinal Mazarin, and the panel with the image of the Madonna and child 15th century. The portals of the Church are decorated with images of animals and a marble lion heads. The unfinished small bell tower is made in Pisano-Romanesque style.