/ / Zisa: photo, description La Zisa)

Zisa: photo, description La Zisa)

Zisa is a former summer residence of king William II the Good, located in the Western part of Palermo. Today, this magnificent medieval Villa is a monument of Arab-Norman style and model of the influence of Moorish culture in Sicily.

Build. started the king of Sicily William I in the 12th century, however, he never managed to see the fruits of their labor - the first inhabitant of the Palace was his son, king William II the Good, who loved the Eastern way of life and Oriental architecture. Zisa became part of his huge hunting areas, which also built the Palace of the cube in the same Arab-Norman style, and several buildings. And the name of the residence according to historical sources comes from the Arabic word al-Aziz, which means "noble, glorious". This word can be seen today at the entrance to the Zisa - as is usually done in all Islamic buildings of 12-13 centuries.

In the 14th century the roof of the Palace was partially erased inscription in the Arabic language - is it on the perimeter was established the teeth. But three centuries later, by going into the possession of Giovanni di Sandoval, Zisa was subjected to even more serious reconstruction over the entrance was placed a marble emblem with the image of two lions, changed the layout of several rooms, built new stairs and added new Windows. Starting from 1808 until the mid-20th century, the Palace was owned by the aristocratic family of Notabartolo di Chiara, and then was purchased by the government of the Autonomous region of Sicily. In 1970-1980-x years the Zisa has been restored (the Northern part was demolished and rebuilt in its original borders) and turned into a Museum today, inside you can see works of Islamic art and artifacts collected along the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Special attention of tourists is the main hall, decorated with mosaics of incredible beauty. Once it even was a fountain, but was later dismantled.