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Clock tower, (Clock Tower)

The clock tower was built by the architect Mauro of Coducci in the years 1496-1499, lateral extensions were made in 1500-1506 years on the project of Pietro Lombardi, and superstructure made around 1755 by Giorgio Massari.

The tower is topped with a flat roof which has architectural group: two bronze figures, the so-called "Moors" because of the darkened bronze, beating hammers on the bell for four and a half centuries hour beat time. "Moors" was cast in bronze, Ambrogio della Ancora in 1497.

Under the top element of the tower set the coat of arms of Venice - a winged lion. Under the coat of arms is a semicircular ledge with a niche and two side doors. In a niche is placed the Madonna and child of gilded copper. In celebration of the ascension and throughout the festive weeks, side access doors, with each stroke of hours open and they followed the angel, go the Magi, who before the passing of the Virgin Mary, bowing to her.

Under a ledge in the XV century was a clock with a complex mechanism, work of Gianpaolo and Giancarlo Ranieri - father and son from Padua. Hours indicate the change of seasons, the passage of the sun in the signs of the zodiac, time and moon phase.