/ / Chapel of the Atonement in Monza: photo description (Cappella Espiatoria)

Chapel of the Atonement in Monza: photo description (Cappella Espiatoria)

Chapel of Redemption in the town of Monza in the Italian region of Lombardy was built as a memorial monument on the place where in 1900 year, the anarchist Gaetano Bresci killed king Umberto I. the Chapel is located near the entrance to the Royal Villa between the streets of via Regina Margherita and via Matteo da Campione. The son of the murdered king, Vittorio Emanuele III commissioned the construction of a chapel to the aged architect Giuseppe Sacconi, author of the Rome Vittoriano, however, completed her student Sacconi, Guido Cirilli. Cirilli changed the original project Sacconi and completed the work in 1910, the year.

Stone Chapel of Redemption at a height of around 35 meters is crowned by an obelisk similar to the cross on top of which you can see the bronze crown and Royal symbols of the house of Savoy. And the sculptural composition "Pieta" a work of Lodovico Palagi. Inside the chapel decorated with Byzantine-style mosaics and colored marble - here you can see images of angels, saints and members of the Royal Savoy family. Around the chapel you will find a Park, enclosed by a grille of wrought iron is the creation of Alessandro Mazzucotelli. Every year the 29th of July, the day of the assassination of Umberto I, in the chapel held a memorial ceremony, and at night the chapel is lit. It is interesting that in the world there is another chapel built as a sign of atonement for the regicide, - the Chapel in expiation of the execution of king Louis XVI in Paris.