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Cesena: photo description (Cesena)

Cesena is a small interesting town in the province of forlì-Cesena in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna. Located 15 km from the Adriatic Riviera (the famous resort of Rimini) and about 30 km from Ravenna, the Romance between the Apennines and the coast.

One of the most unusual from the artistic point of view of the cities of Romagna, Cesena will also be interesting to lovers of good food and good wine. During the reign of the Malatesta family of Cesena reached the peak of its cultural and historical development, as evidenced by the monuments of architecture and art preserved to the present day. Among the treasures of the city - Malatesta library, one of the most important in Italy of the samples of the libraries of the 15th century, and a UNESCO site. It is virtually unchanged today presented to tourists. By order of Malatesta was built and the fortress of Cesena, one of the most impressive in the Romagna. You can explore the castle ramparts and so-called "male" and "female" tower. In the latter houses the Museum of agricultural history, where you can get acquainted with the agricultural history of the Romagna region. Attract tourists and mystical indoor transitions created in the walls of the fortress.

A special pride of Cesena - the picturesque streets of the historic city center. Here, we could walk from Piazza del Popolo to Palazzo del Ridotto, with its bronze statue of Pope Pius VI, to walk around the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista and see the chapel of the Madonna del Popolo, visit the Museum of sacred art with paintings by Paolo Veneziano and Alessandro Bonci", a real pearl of neoclassical architecture. Also in the town are the natural history Museum, Art gallery, Archaeological Museum. On the hill above the town stands the Abbey of Santa Maria del Monte, who nearly a thousand years. The Abbey is famous for its collection of wooden items made a vow, as well as the impressive dome painted by Giuseppe Milani.

A lot of interesting things in and around Cesena. So, Villa Silvia is 7 km from the city Museum of mechanical music, and Montetiffi (approximately 25 km) is to buy a traditional terracotta bowl. On the hills near the town of Bertinoro stands the residence of the Nobel laureate for literature, the poet giosuè Carducci. Attractive to tourists small towns and villages, Simply Sarsina, Monteleone, Roncofreddo, as well as numerous thermal and Spa resorts of the region.