/ / Civitanova Marche: photo description (Civitanova Marche)

Civitanova Marche: photo description (Civitanova Marche)

Civitanova Marche is a seaside resort located on the Adriatic coast in the Marche region, 40 km Southeast of Ancona and about 25 km from Macerata.

The city was founded at the mouth of the chienti around the 8th century BC by people Pechenov, and bore the name of Cluana. The Romans captured it in 268, the year BC, and in 50-m BC laid in its place a new settlement - Clientes wikus. Old Cluana was finally destroyed by the Visigoths, and its inhabitants found refuge in Victoria. In the Middle ages, the town passed from hand to hand - it was ruled by Albonesi, da Varano, Malatesta, Sforza and Visconti. In 1440, the year by order of Francesco Sforza built a new line of defensive walls, on territory of the port erected a fortress. In the 16th century as a result of the raids of the Turkish pirates and the outbreak of the plague Civitanova began to decline. But in 1551, the year Pope Julius III gave the town to the Cesarini family, who enlarged its territory, built a new defensive wall, built roads and palaces. In 1938, the year Porto Civitanova and Civitanova Alta were United in one municipality. Today it is a recognized seaside resort.

In the old town of Civitanova Alta on the hill - the walls of the medieval castle and the four ancient gates. There you can see Palazzo della Delegazione, built in 1867 year, the Church of San Paolo a 17th-century Sant'agostino, a 13th-century luxury stucco and San Francesco 14th century Gothic portal. In the Central square of the city Piazza della libertà stands Palazzo Ducale, built for the Sforza Cesarini in the 16th century. Inside it are preserved frescoes of Pellegrino Tibaldi. Deserve the attention of the local museums - the Museum of folk art, the Museum of equestrian clothing and Gallery of modern art Moretti. And in the Northern area of Civitanova stretches a fine Avenue of Vittorio Veneto.

The port area - Porto Civitanova is a center of business activity and a kind of resort town where the main city beaches.