/ / Civitella del Lago: photo description (Civitella del Lago)

Civitella del Lago: photo description (Civitella del Lago)

Civitella del Lago is a small town located on one of the highest cliffs in the vicinity of lake Corbara at an altitude of 470 metres above sea level. Residents call it "the windy City" because it is open to all winds from the four corners of the world. But is "blown" situation did Civitella del Lago, one of the favorite places of rest for those hot summer months trying to escape from the stifling cities.

Standing exactly in the middle of the road between Orvieto and Todi, this small town occupies a commanding position above lake Corbara, offering to all tourists stunning views from its ancient fortifications and the Piazza del Belvedere. In good weather, it is possible to see Orvieto, the natural reserve "Oasi di Alviano", Montefiascone and even Monte Amiata.

All year round in Civitella del Lago offers a variety of activities that can be interesting for tourists. So, on Easter you can take part in the festival "Opinto the competition of painting Easter eggs. There is a national festival motorbikers ' "Amici della Guzzi". By the way, in this small town operates two restaurants, which are among the best in all of Italy, - "Vissani" and "Trippini".

Whether Cautella del Lago, you should definitely explore the Roman ruins Scoppieto, castle Salviano, Umbro-Etruscan burial ruins in the town of Montecchio and of the charming village of Cerreto. On the road from Orvieto to Todi noteworthy are the monastery of Pasquarella and picturesque villages Acqualoreto, Collelungo, Morra and Moruzzi rich in ancient monuments. And in the vicinity of lake Corbara can be interesting the castle of Corbara, the Benedictine Abbey of San Gemini di Massa, Franciscan monastery Pantanelli.