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Cinque Torri: photos, description (Cinque Torri)

Cinque Torri, sometimes also called the Cinque Torri di Averau, is a small mountain range, part of the Dolomiti massif Ampezzano, part of the Eastern Dolomites, situated to the North-West of San Vito di Cadore and South-West from the famous resort of Cortina d'ampezzo.

Cinque Torri, as well as other mountains in the region are composed of dolomite, light gray. The ridge consists of five peaks, the highest of which - Torre Grande reaches 2361 meters. Each mountain has its own name. Torre Grande can boast of all three of the peaks suitable for climbing, CIMA Nord, CIMA Sud and CIMA Ovest. Torre Secondat - "the second tower, also called Torre del Baranco or Torre Romana. Terza Torre known under the name of Torre latina. Quarta Torre - "the fourth tower" consists of two rocks of different heights, called the Torre Quarta Bassa and Torre Quarta Alta. Finally, QUINTA Torre is often referred to as the English Tower (Torre English.

Elevation of 2137 meters located Alpine hut, Rifugio Cinque Torri, and even higher, at 2255 metres above sea level located mountain hut, Rifugio Scoiattoli. In summer you can explore the extensive gardens or take a real hike one of the many trails, for example, 150-mile Alta via 1, running along the historic route of the First World war. During the hike on the way here and there the traces of a military past. Not less popular these mountains and go rock climbing.

In the winter Cinque Torri is an important ski resort, whose trails are in the area of "Dolomiti Superski". They connected with nearby slopes Lagazuoi and Col Gallina. In 2008 the opportunity came with the lift "Croda Negra" to rise from Cinque Torri to the overlying Falzarego Pass and route over the mountain, Averau.