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Cittadella: photo description (Cittadella)

Cittadella is a medieval walled city in the province of Padua in Northern Italy, founded in the 13th century as a military Outpost of Padua. The surrounding wall has been restored and today it is 1461 m in perimeter with a diameter of about 450 m In the wall are four gates, which correspond with the cardinal points.

Cittadella was erected in 1220, the year during the wars between the communes, by order of Padova and to protect its territory and population from capture. The fortress was built in stages in the form of a polygon: was built 32 large and small towers, which are then combined with a protective moat and with four suspension bridges near the four gates. The walls had a height of 14 to 16 metres and 2.1 metres in thickness: the space between two parallel walls was filled with hot stones and lime mortar. Today, these old walls look the same as seven centuries ago, except for a small cut, destroyed in the 16th century during the war Cambrai. But in this place you can see how to build the Fort, only seven were used building techniques.

The most interesting part of the fortified complex of Cittadella is the tower of Porta Bassano here you can see how he worked the protective mechanism in ancient times. Inside the fortress is the Casa del CAPITANO - building, the restoration work which was discovered the ancient frescoes of the era, Sanseverino and Malatesta. They depict historical events that occurred between 1260 and 1600 m over the years.

Today, many tourists visit the Cittadella, to your eyes to see carefully restored battlements, are most vulnerable to damage, and walk through the guards of the trenches at a height of 14 meters above the ground, climb the tallest towers and down the ancient stairs, pass through the gates of the tower of the Port of cures, or take a stroll over a wooden bridge to a little Church, Torresino. From the top of the fortress offers a wonderful view of the surroundings.