/ / The Swabian castle: photos, description (Castello Svevo)

The Swabian castle: photos, description (Castello Svevo)

Castello Svevo, also known as the Swabian castle, is a castle located in the Apulian town of Bari. It was built in the first half of the 12th century on the orders of the Norman king Roger II, and is now used for various cultural events, primarily fair.

The date of construction of the Castello Svevo is considered to be 1132 the year, though conducted on site excavations suggests that even in antiquity this place was a fortified building. Perhaps part of the current castle was built in the Greco-Roman era.

In 1156, the year of the Swabian castle was destroyed during the siege of Bari Sicilian king William I of Evil, and restored only in 1233, the year by order of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. During the reign of the Anjou dynasty the castle was rebuilt several times, and after it was acquired by Duke Ferdinand of Aragon, he was given the powerful Italian Sforza family, which it is expanded and ennobled. Then it was owned by Bona Sforza, Queen of Poland, and after her death in 1577, the year was returned to the Kingdom of Naples. Then he was converted into a prison and military barracks.

Today, Castello Svevo surrounded by a moat on all sides except the North, which faces the sea, and the defensive ramparts, provided with bastions. It is accessible via a bridge located on the South side.