/ / The southern coast of Otranto: photo description (Costa Sud di Otranto)

The southern coast of Otranto: photo description (Costa Sud di Otranto)

The southern coast of Otranto consists of a long strip of sloping cliffs, making the place not the most accessible for tourists. If the journey from the port of Otranto towards the Caves, you can visit the Grotta Palombara cave, so named because of the presence of pigeon colonies. A little further on is the Torre del Serpent - the Serpent tower, known as Torre Dell Idro or Cucuruzzu is a permanent symbol of the city. Above you can see the Torre del Orte, erected in 1500-ies. At the end of the Gulf of Baja Palombara beach is Punted, which is sometimes dotted with sea lions.

Lying near the Gulf of Baia del Orte on the beach of Porto Grande is a lot of underwater caves, among which stand out its beauty Piscina della Grotta and Grotta del Pastore. Finally, there is the impressive lighthouse Faro della Palascia, recently renovated and marking with his presence the most Eastern extremity of Italy.

Over the cliffs of Punta Galera and not far from the coast lies a small island of Sant emiliano, resting place of many gulls that live in these places. And there, on a high hill above the sea, stands the Torre di Sant emiliano, built in the 16th century. And directly opposite it you can see the fortified Masseria di Cippro, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole Salento Peninsula. It was built in the late 16th century, and along with the towers was part of the medieval defensive system.

Still further South is the Grotta dei Cervi, which, unfortunately, closed to the public. Discovered in 1970, the year a group of cavers from Malia, she keeps the legacy of civilizations from the stone age. The little Cove of Porto badisco where according to legend landed Aeneas, its beautiful beaches and clear waters attracts many tourists. To her left is an antique, Cunicoli dei Diavoli and the Grotta Galleria, and a little further on is the Grotta di ENEA.

If we go back to Otranto on the main road, along the way you can meet a lot of examples of structures built using the unique technology of dry masonry, fumetti or pyari.