/ / Abbey Viboldone: photos, description Abbazia di Viboldone)

Abbey Viboldone: photos, description Abbazia di Viboldone)

Abbey Viboldone is located in the town of San Giuliano Milanese in the province of Milan in Lombardy. Its construction was started in 1176, the year, and was completed in 1348, the year when the Abbey belonged to the monastic order of humiliation. In those years, in addition to the monks here lived the lay people who worked in the Abbey, weaving a garment of wool and cultivated the surrounding fields with the help of innovative technologies. After the abolition of the order of humiliates by order of Pope Pius V (1571-year) Viboldone passed to the Benedictine order, who were forced to leave the Abbey in 1773, when Lombardy was part of Austrian Empire. For many years the Abbey was abandoned, but from 1941, the year it is inhabited by nuns of the society of the Mother of Margaret Brand.

Viboldone facade, completed in 1348, the year, with two half-columns is divided into three sectors and vaulted Windows and kirpichnoy walls with decorations of white stone. The entrance portal made of white marble and is surmounted by a lunette with marble sculpture of the Madonna and child with saints Ambrose and John of MEDA. On either side of him are two Gothic niches with statues of saints Peter and Paul. The door itself a dark wood dates from the 14th century.

The bell tower of the Abbey in their appearance reminiscent of the façade, with frames made from Cotto and small arcades at the base of the double and triple arched Windows. At the top are seen as small round Windows.

The interior of the Abbey Viboldone very simple, even harsh - there are only a few decorations, and only the apse is richly decorated with frescoes by the Giotto school. The room is divided into a Central nave and two lateral chapels with five spans each (first made in the Romanesque style, and the rest in Gothic). On the walls you can see a fresco depicting the Madonna with saints and a huge picture of the last judgment with Jesus at the centre and the curse, which looks Satan. Other murals depicting musical instruments, are stored in the Music hall in the building near the Abbey.