/ / The Abbey of Camaiore: photo description (La Badia di Camaiore)

The Abbey of Camaiore: photo description (La Badia di Camaiore)

The Abbey of Camaiore is one of the attractions of Camaiore in the Italian region of Tuscany. The first mention of it dates back to the domination of the Lombards in this region, and more specifically to 761-th year, when Lucca was the capital of Tuscany. It was then, in the 8th century, the Benedictine monks founded the Abbey. Subsequently, it has grown to a religious complex consisting of a Church with a bell tower, cemetery and monastery, surrounded by a scalloped wall. In the early 12th century the Abbey reached its heyday, and his superiors acted bishops and secular rulers under the auspices of the Vatican.

In the same 12th century thanks to the generous donation from the Countess Mathilde di Canossa and on the initiative of the monks of the primitive one-storey Church with a simple stone altar was rebuilt and acquired its present appearance. The building has built two side chapels, fronton, the apse and made beamed ceiling vaults.

Twice in its history the Abbey was plundered and burned along with the town of Camaiore: first time in 1315, the year and the second time in 1329, the year.

Today, the main entrance of the Abbey faces a small grassy area in front of the Church (it used to be a cemetery of the Benedictine monks). Here the fragments of battlements of the 13th century.