/ / Morimondo Abbey: photos, description Abbazia di Morimondo)

Morimondo Abbey: photos, description Abbazia di Morimondo)

The Morimondo Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery founded in 1134, the year as a representation of the eponymous Abbey in the French city of Dijon. The monastery is located a few kilometers South of the town of Abbiategrasso in the province of Milan in the Italian region Lombardy. The preserved buildings are examples of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

The history of the Abbey starts in 1134, the year when from France to Northern Italy a group of monks arrived. Probably by the time when they settled in Morimondo, part of the monastery had already been built. Shortly after the founding of the Abbey monastic community began to grow rapidly and to acquire political weight. Then was founded the first monastic library, and large farm land.

The construction of the Church began in 1182, the year and lasted for over a hundred years with a break for the erection of the monastery. Several times during this century, the Abbey was pillaged, which also contributed to the completion of construction. In the 14th century began a period of decline of the Abbey caused by the constant looting by various raiders. Only in the 16th century managed to restore the cloister and the portal of the sacristy and do the interior decoration of the Church. To this period include the creation of the painting "Madonna and child" by Bernardo Luini and carved wooden choir. And in the 17th century, there has been some resumption of cultural and spiritual life of the monastic community, which led to the fact that later in the Northern and Western boundaries of the Abbey was built by the aristocratic palaces.

In 1798, the year the Abbey was abolished, the community of monks, the Cistercians ceased to exist, and many ancient manuscripts of the libraries were destroyed or lost. However, from 1805 to 1950 years, the priests continued to hold services in the former Abbey Church. Only in the second half of the 20th century, the revival of the Abbey and spiritual life of the community Morimondo.

In 1993, the year when the Abbey was created a non-profit Foundation whose goal is the development of cultural and religious activities of Morimondo and promote the conservation of the architectural heritage of the monastery. And in 2007-m to year the government of Lombardy has recognized the Morimondo Abbey, the regional Museum, which consists of two parts - the actual Abbey Museum and Museum Angelo Comolli, artist of the art Nouveau era.