/ / The Abbey of Nonantola: pictures, description (Abbazia della Nonantola)

The Abbey of Nonantola: pictures, description (Abbazia della Nonantola)

Of Nonantola Abbey, dedicated to Saint Sylvester, is a former Benedictine monastery in the municipality of Nonantola, 10 km North-East of Modena in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna. Collegiate Church carries the title Basilica, is the Cathedral of the bishopric of Modena - Nonantola, along with the Cathedral of Modena.

The Abbey was founded in 752, the year of the Holy Anselm, Duke of Friuli and half-brother of the Lombard king Aistulf. The latter has made a significant contribution to the decoration of the new Abbey. Saint Anselm was appointed the first Abbot of the Abbey on the orders of Pope Stephen II. He also donated to the new religious Institute of some relics pertaining to St. Sylvester. After the death Aistulf in 756, the year Anselm was exiled to the Abbey of Monte Cassino at the order of the new king, Desiderius, but seven years later, Charlemagne restored him to his title.

In 813, the year the Abbot Peter of Nonantola was chosen as the Ambassador to Constantinople, his successor, Ansfrid, took the same post in 828, the year. And at the end of the 9th century there was the meeting of king Charles III of Tolstoy and Pope Marina I. In the 10th century Abbey and the Church was completely destroyed during the invasion of the Hungarians, and all who could not escape were brutally murdered. But the restoration of the temple began almost immediately.

Until the 11th century Abbey of Nonantola was one of the most powerful in Europe, and for the right to control it fought the emperors and Popes. There was a famous scriptorium - workshop correspondence and manuscripts, in 1058, the year was built the new Basilica.

The decline of the Abbey began in the 15th century - it has several times passed from one monastic order to another, until they lost their status in 1768, the year. A century later, restored to the status of the monastery, the Abbey became property of the Italian state.

In the main building of the Abbey of Nonantola ancient frescoes of the 11th century, there is also the Museum of sacred art, an important archive and a library. The Romanesque Basilica was restored in the early 20th century when Abbot Damian - was restored the original appearance of the Church of the 12th century. The Basilica consists of a Central nave and two side aisles with a presbytery. The crypt with 64 columns dates from the 8th century - it houses the remains of the seven saints: St. Anselm, the founder of the Abbey, the virgin of virgins Holy Fucki and Holy Anseris, martyrs Thiopentone and Sinesius, Saint Adrian, and in fact, St. Sylvester.