/ / The Abbey of Santa Giustina: photos, description Abbazia di Santa Giustina)

The Abbey of Santa Giustina: photos, description Abbazia di Santa Giustina)

The Abbey of Santa Giustina is a Benedictine Abbey in the centre of Padua next to Piazza Prato della Valle. Dates to the 10th century. The building of the Abbey attached to the Basilica of Santa Giustina, built in the 6th century. The modern look of the religious complex is the result of the restoration of the 17th hostility.

The construction of the Basilica of Santa Giustina began in 520-ies on the initiative of the prefect of Opelousa storage it remains Justina Saint of Padua and of other Christian martyrs. By the 10th century the monastic existence of the commune, which served the many pilgrims who came to the city to venerate the relics of the Saint, demanded the construction of the Abbey. In the course of construction works, by the way, had been exhumed many saints. In 1110, the year the Abbey was plundered by the troops of the future Holy Roman Emperor Henry V, who thus took revenge on the monks of the Benedictine monks for loyalty to the Pope Pascal II. A few years later the Basilica was almost completely destroyed during the powerful earthquake that struck Northern Italy and Germany. Fortunately, the whole religious complex was soon restored. The heyday of the Abbey and the peak of his political influence came in the Middle ages.

At the end of the 18th century the Abbey of Santa Giustina, along with other monasteries and temples were secularized by order of Napoleon, founded in Padua Cisalpine Republic. Valuable works of art, collections of religious objects and an extensive library was sent to Paris. The monks were forced to flee, and the Abbey itself and the adjoining buildings was sold in 1810 year. Later the cloister was used as a military hospital and the soldiers ' barracks. Only in 1917, the year the building was returned to the property of the Catholic Church, and the Abbey was restored. Today the Abbey of Santa Giustina and the Basilica of the same name have the status of national monument.

The Basilica of Santa Giustina is one of the largest Christian churches in the world and the seventh largest in Italy: it has 118,5 meters long and 82 meters wide. Inside are three major and several minor chapels. 26 columns support the dome of the Church Central dome reaches 70 m in height and is topped by a 5-meter statue of the Holy Justina. The floor is paved with the Basilica in the 17th century, yellow, white and red marble. The Church's bell tower has 8 bells.