/ / Abbey of Thelema: a photo, description Abbazia di Thelema)

Abbey of Thelema: a photo, description Abbazia di Thelema)

The Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu is a small house in which in 1920 the famous occultist Aleister Crowley founded a temple and spiritual centre. The name is Crowley borrowed from the works of Rabelais "Gargantua and Pantagruel", in which the Abbey of Thelema is described as a kind of "anti-monastery", whose inhabitants lived solely in accordance with their wishes and whims. This idealistic utopia was a model of Crowley's commune, and a model magic school called "College of the Holy spirit." Novices of his mystical order was daily offered up praise to the sun, studied the Scriptures Crowley, practiced yoga and various ritual ceremonies, and also worked in-house lab. The main goal of students was to dedicate themselves to the great Work to in the end come to the True Will. Under the "great Work" meant spiritual practices to merge his "I" with God. Crowley had intended to turn this small house into a global center of magical and may collect entrance fees from people wishing to join its fold.

In 1923, a student from Oxford, Raul Lauda was found dead in the Abbey. His wife, Betty Mae, was considered the cause of death, the part of Raoul in one of Crowley's rituals, during which we had to drink the blood of a sacrificed cat. A more likely reason is considered to be an acute attack of intestinal infection. Back in London, Mei gave an interview to the tabloid "The Sunday Express", in which he expressed his accusations against Crowley. And when these rumors reached the government of Mussolini, he immediately ordered to expel the occultist from the country, which was done in the same 1923. The Abbey gradually fell into disrepair, and local residents Sabelli mysterious drawings and inscriptions Crowley.

Today, this small house is considered an exotic attraction in cefalù. In 1955 filmmaker Kenneth Angier, an admirer of Crowley, filmed here his movie "Abbey of Thelema", which stripped the plaster from some walls to find the messages of their guru.