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Avigliana: photo description (Avigliana)

Avigliana is a town of history and arts, located on the territory of the Italian valley of Val di Susa in Piedmont. Its name comes from the name of Roman kind Avelli, who lived on the plain in the place where today is the village Malana.

The old medieval centre of Avigliana - Borgo Vecchio, lies on the Northern slopes of Monte Pozzolana. Since its Foundation, he played an important role in trade between Western Europe and Italy, as it was directly on the road leading to France. During the reign of the Savoy dynasty, its value has only increased. It is also believed that Beato Umberto III (1127-1189-y) and the count Amedeo VII Rosso (1360-1391 th years) was born in Avigliana.

After Turin was chosen as the capital of the Sardinian Kingdom, Avigliana has lost its value. The defensive system of the castle, built in the 10th century on the Monte Pezzolano to protect the city, also lost its military significance, and the castle was turned into an aristocratic residence. The events of the 17th century led to its oblivion - in 1630, the year he was seriously injured during a plague, and half a century later was rebuilt. Now the castle is almost entirely in ruins.

One of the attractions of Avigliana is its medieval structure, built in the 12-15 th centuries and reflects the transition from Romanesque to Gothic style. Among them stands out the Church of San Pietro, Santa Maria and San Giovanni with graceful porticoes, mansions on the Piazza Conte Rosso and the Piazza Santa Maria and the city walls.

Because Avigliana located within the natural Park of "Laghi di Avigliana", it is remarkable and their surroundings. The Central hills of the ridge Montecarotto on the North side of Lago Grande covered by ash-trees, elms, carob and cherry trees. In these forests you can see the huge boulders, mute witnesses of the glacier period.