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Aurora: photo description (Aurora)

Aurora - one of the oldest districts of Turin, which has historically evolved beyond the medieval city walls, North of the historic city centre. It stretches from Corso Regina Margherita to Corso Vigevano and Corso Novara. To the West the region is limited, Corso Principe Oddone, on the East by the river Dora. The name of the district was named after the old farm yard located in the past between Corso Giulio Cesare and Corso Emilia. The farm itself has long been demolished, and its territory is built commercial building.

The historic center of the district is the Aurora, Borgo Dora, a small quarter near the Port, the Palazzo. Once known as Borgo del Pallone, or just the Balun, the quarter famous for its small flea market Balun, running every Saturday. In addition, in Borgo Dora there are several notable buildings: the Piccola Casa della Divina of Provvidenza, also known as Cottolengo, is a charity that has been running for almost 200 years; the "Arsenal of Peace" - the former Armory, which today houses the headquarters of the nonprofit organization that helps the poor and homeless; Caserma Cavalli is one of the most representative buildings of the district, a former barracks with the clock tower on the roof, where today runs the art school Scuola Holden. Also in the quarter is to explore the expressive Cortile del Mallo, a pedestrian area with bars and clubs. Attraction of the area is a Montgolfier balloon with the envelope filled with hot air. It is possible to visit and admire the panorama of the city from an unusual viewing platforms.

Right from Borgo Dora is part of the open market of Porta Palazzo, where a New exhibition hall, designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Another interesting building is the area is the Port of Milano - former railway station of the 19th century. Today, the station is not staffed and the building itself was recently restored, preserves the old steam locomotives.

West of Borgo Dora is a quarter Rione of Valdocco with his Church Santuario di Maria Ausiliatrice eponymous square and the old cemetery of San Pietro in Vincoli. The main transport artery of this part of Aurora street, via chinya, historical, Corso Vercelli and Corso Principe Oddone. In the future, the district of Aurora is planned to connect with San Donato.

In the area there are many ancient residential houses and industrial buildings, for example, on Corso Vigevano you can see the former offices of "FIAT Officine Grandi Motori", which produced automobile engines.