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The Aquafan water Park: photo description (Aquafan)

Water Park "Aquafan" in Riccione is one of Europe's most popular Aqua parks, a true symbol of fun in the entire Adriatic coast of Italy. Every year from June to September, it receives millions of tourists looking for fun and to relax.

Aquafan along with an amusement Park "Oltremare" and modern cinema IMAX was one of the first theme parks opened on the hills of Riccione. Over the past 20 years, he not only lost his popularity, but became more modern and attractive for both children and adults. Its territory has collected a dizzying water slides, huge swimming pools, fountains and attractions, modulating real sea waves - all this can satisfy the most demanding taste. Among the most popular and thrilling rides - "Kamikaze": 90-foot water slide, down which it is possible to reach the speed of 65 km/h. "Twist" - a thrilling water slide, consisting of three large interlocking spirals. And "Fiume Rapido" - Rapid River is a 200-metre-long water stream that must be overcome on a special rubber boat. On the way, expect a variety of unexpected UPS and downs that give an unforgettable experience and a real adrenaline rush!

Those looking to relax and unwind can spend the whole day lying on the beach with a huge pool. There you can find a cozy Jacuzzi and refreshing sprays. And you can go for a leisurely stroll around the six Botanical zones of the Park with colorful fragrant flowers. For small children there are special play areas with age appropriate safe rides and pools-the"frogs". Next to them will always be the trained trainers and rescue. Grab a bite to eat at one of the many bars and cafes "Aquafan" in which there is always a children's menu.