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Alberese: photo description (Alberese)

Alberese is a rural settlement in southern Tuscany, the district of the commune of Grosseto. It is located 20 km southwest of the Grozny, in the centre of the natural Park of Maremma. It is known that in the prehistoric period, some of the local caves were inhabited by humans. One of them, Scoletta - preserved artifacts from the bronze age and Ancient Rome. And in the village of Talamone you can find traces of the Etruscan and Roman periods.

The territory of modern Alberese, dominated by the impressive Villa Granducale, has evolved over the past two centuries, with the adoption of the law on the free possession and distribution of agricultural land to farmers coming from Veneto and Northern Italy.

Despite the presence of a person, the surrounding wild nature with its hunting grounds and extensive flower meadows have been preserved. Today it is under the protection of the natural Park of Maremma and a number of local laws. Local fields and meadows are still roaming herds of wild horses and cows, and in the dense forests of the mountains of Monti, Uccellini deer and bears. Each season of the year in Alberese has its own charm and its own color: ochre in autumn and winter, green in spring and yellow in summer. Summer field of dandelions interspersed with wheat fields, and on a Sunny day it is easy to witness an optical phenomenon Fata Morgana.

Proximity to Alberese it is worth noting the aforementioned Villa Granducale, the Church of Sant Antonio abate and Santa Maria, the Abbey of San Fonte blanda, skit Tyrrhenian sea, Tyrrhenian sea towers, Castel Marino and Collelungo and the archaeological area of Scaletta.