/ / Alpine Botanical garden, Giardino Botanico Alpino)

Alpine Botanical garden, Giardino Botanico Alpino)

Alpine Botanical garden is spread over an area of 4 hectares at an altitude of 800 meters above the town of Stresa in the Italian region Piedmont, on the Western shore of Lago Maggiore. Accessible by cable car, Lido di Carciano - Alpino - Mottarone. In warm time of the year this garden specializing in Alpine flora, is open daily.

The Botanical garden was founded in 1934, the year of Idina, Ambrosiani and Giuseppe Rossi in a place from which there are breathtaking views down to the lake, the Borromean Islands of the archipelago and the surrounding mountains - Lepontine Alps, Monte Disgrazia, Monte Legnone, Grigne, etc. are Partially visible here and the national Park "Val Grande". At the time of its opening it was one of the first Alpine Botanical gardens of Italy. Until the end of the fascist regime he was called "Dexia". Today in the Alpine Botanical garden grows thousands of species of plants, mainly characterized by the Alps and foothills. But there are also species imported from China, Japan and the Caucasus. Here you can see the different types of sage, bluebells, cornflowers, carnations, geranium and Campion. There are also white maple, birch, cane, broom, beech, ash, buckthorn, juniper, loosestrife and other plants.

Next to the Alpine Botanical garden, a café and a gift shop. A cable car can take you even higher, to the top of mount Mottarone (1491 meters). This mountain with the grassy slopes divides lake Maggiore and lake Orta. From the top you can admire the panorama of the Ligurian Apennines, Maritime Alps and even see the massif of Monte Rosa. And this "pearl" of this panorama of the seven lakes are Lago Maggiore, Orta, Mergozzo, Biandronno, Varese, Monate and Comabbio. In winter the Mottarone is becoming a major local ski resort.