/ / Alpine Museum in the castle Bard: photo description (Museo delle Alpi)

Alpine Museum in the castle Bard: photo description (Museo delle Alpi)

Alpine Museum, located in the town of Bard, in the Italian region of Val d'aosta, offers visitors a fascinating journey into the past and to witness the process of formation and evolution of the Alps. The journey begins with the climbing of the peaks of the four-Alpine images Alpine scenery and listen to the "mountain Symphony". Special fixtures used in the exposition, creating the effect of real presence in the mountain huts, tunnels and slopes. Using 3D models, absorbed in contemplation of the changing seasons of nature, to see Alpine plants and persistent inhabitants of the rugged mountains and even to feel the eagle soaring above the summit of Mont Blanc, above the picturesque landscape of the Val d'aosta glaciers, waterfalls and castles.

In the geographical room interactive map introduces visitors to the ancient Tethys ocean, the bottom of which once was the current peaks of the Alps. And the history of the most famous Alpine peaks dedicated to a special room. Single room occupied by the exposition that tells the story of the relationship between humans and mountains, the history of the development of Alpine civilization and its cultures. Particularly popular with tourists is the hall in which are exhibited objects of the first conquerors of the mountain peaks of the romantic 19th century.

Only in the Alpine Museum located on the ground floor of the so-called Opera Carlo Alberto, one of the most important components of the scenic Fort of Bard, there are 29 exhibition halls. They are divided into four parts, each of which can be viewed themed videos, accompanied by a special narrator - naturalist, geographer, anthropologist and meteorologist.