/ / English cemetery, Il Cimitero degli Inglesi)

English cemetery, Il Cimitero degli Inglesi)

The English cemetery is located near Piazza Garibaldi in Naples. This final resting place of many who lived in Naples of Swiss, Germans, Americans, Irish, Scots and English, or who died here of merchants and sailors.

In 1826, the year the British Consul sir Henry Get acquired a plot of land in the garden of the Church of Santa Maria della Fede to the organization as is the Protestant cemetery. It was supposed to bury the dead in Naples Protestants, although followers of other religions are also found here last shelter. In the 19th century the cemetery was a unique memorial to the foreigners that shaped the commercial elite of Naples.

In 1893, the year the cemetery was closed, and its contents were given to the jurisdiction of the British Consulate. Alas, over the next century the place became a romantic monument of the bourgeoisie of the 18th century, gradually declined. Many of the sculptures and statues were stolen, desecrated the graves and the cemetery grounds are richly overgrown with grass. Only in the late 1950-ies of the cemetery was transferred to the municipality of Naples, and has developed a plan for its reconstruction - was provided for the transformation of the cemetery into a public Park and the restoration of certain monuments. However, only part of the territory was restored. Since the opening of the cemetery as a Park in the middle of 1990-ies some preserved monuments and tombstones were desecrated. The greater part of the graves were moved to the municipal cemetery Poggioreale.

Today at the English cemetery of Naples, you can see the graves of some prominent people of the 19th century, for example, a Scottish mathematician and astronomer-theoretician Mary Somerville, one of the most popular scientific writers of Dionysius Lardner, Dutch artist Anton van Sminka Pitloo, many aristocrats and descendants of the Royal families of Europe.