/ / Cabinet: photo, description Antiquarium di Ventimiglia)

Cabinet: photo, description Antiquarium di Ventimiglia)

Ventimiglia Antiquarium archaeological Museum, located in the center of the ancient Roman city of Albintimilium a few kilometers from the modern Ventimiglia. The Museum is below the amphitheatre, from which originates the Corso Genova. The original building was known as an educational institution. During the Second World war it was partially destroyed and restored only in 1980-m to year on the initiative of the Ministry of cultural heritage of Italy. Then it was converted into a didactic platform to explore the archaeological artifacts Albintimilium.

Today in the Antiquarium we can see the main monuments of antiquity is the Porta di Proventsa, erected in the 1st century BC, actually amphitheatre, built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries, the Baths, built in the second half of the 1st century, in the South-Eastern corner of the theatre. In addition to the public exposed the various pieces of residential and public buildings.

The amphitheatre was located in the Western part of the ancient Ligurian city. It had a semicircular shape and for the most part were lined with white limestone, imported from the territory of modern Monaco. The entrance to the theater was through the Western gate, which is almost intact have survived. The side was located the Porta di Proventsa leading to the road via Julia Augusta, and directly opposite the theatre were the baths with mosaic floors. The theatre could accommodate up to 5 thousand spectators, and its stage is set mostly comedies, dance performances and pantomime. In the 4th century the building was completely abandoned.