/ / The Aragonese castle: photos, description (Castello Aragonese)

The Aragonese castle: photos, description (Castello Aragonese)

Castello Aragonese, a medieval castle in the town of Ischia Ponte in Ischia. This is perhaps one of the most distinctive and intriguing sights of the island. The castle is about 2.5 thousand years! It was then at this place by order of the Syracuse tyrant Hiero I built the first fortress. Originally the fortress consisted of two guard towers to conduct surveillance of enemy attacks, while the surrounding sea were the best way to protect against attacks. Later the possession of favorably located fortress was the subject of dispute between the armies of Rome and Naples - each one wanted to control a fortress to protect their trade routes and resources of the island.

In the Middle ages, the castle acquired its present name since then was in the hands of the Aragonese dynasty and their initiatives was substantially rebuilt, acquiring the form in which it has reached our days. In 1441, the year was one of the most important events in the history of the Castello Aragonese - castle was connected to the mainland by a stone bridge preserved to this day. The previous wooden bridge and is a relatively weak fortifications were dismantled as unreliable in the protection against pirates, robbers and invaders. In their place, king Alfonso V ordered the construction of the present citadel. In General, during its long history the castle played different roles. He even once was home to two thousand inhabitants of the island and was used as a prison during the years of military conflicts.

Today, Castello Aragonese is a great opportunity for tourists to discover the history of the island of Ischia, as well as enjoy the beautiful landscapes. When the ferry approach the island, the first thing tourists see is a huge mountain Monte Epomeo, and, coming closer to the port - there is a dramatic outline of the castle. To get inside, go across the stone bridge from the main square of Ischia Ponte. The castle is a Museum of torture, which displays samples of different creepy devices used at different times to obtain confessions from the prisoners of the castle.