/ / Arch of Constantine: photo description (Arco di Costantino)

Arch of Constantine: photo description (Arco di Costantino)

This is one of the largest arches ever built in Rome. It reaches a height of 21 metres and 36 metres is the width and the thickness of its wall exceeds 7 meters. The arch built in 315 by decree of the Senate and people of Rome to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Constantine's reign and of his triumph in 312 at the battle of Ponte Milvio against Maxentius. For decoration of this arch used a lot of bas-reliefs and sculptures taken from other monuments. Both great foundations of the arch are four columns, Dating back to the reign of Trajan; above the columns tower are eight statues of Dacians from white with purple-veined marble of Asia Minor.

Above the side arches there are eight medallions of the era of Hadrian, grouped by two over each arch. Four depicted in the scene, to reproduce scenes of hunting, four others - sacrifice. On either side of the inscription, repeated on two tapes Attica, you can see eight bas-reliefs of the era of Marcus Aurelius, adorned at the time, another triumphal arch and placed two on each side. Bas-reliefs depict the solemn moment of the "Return of the Emperor" in 173 the year after victorious battles with the Germanic tribes of marcomanni and quads. Big marble frieze of the age of Trajan, is also a borrowing. It is divided into four parts: two pieces placed over the small arches, and two inside the center of the span. Sculptural reliefs reproducing scenes of military campaigns of Trajan against the Dacians (101-102 and 105-106 years).