/ / Archaeological area Terramara: photos, description (Terramara)

Archaeological area Terramara: photos, description (Terramara)

Archaeological area Terramara represents the remains of fortified settlements surrounded by a mound and ditch, which existed in the Po valley in the bronze age (between 1650 m and 1170 m BC). The name of this zone derives from the name of clay in the dialect of Emilia-Romagna.

In the Central and Western Emilia between the provinces of Verona, Mantua and Cremona, there were many settlements, and all this land was densely populated. The total number of inhabitants of Terramar was about 150-200 thousand people. Despite the fact that the house was not located in marshy or flooded land, they are often built on stilts wall to wall, and separated the rows of houses and narrow streets. The company has different classes - the chiefs, the warriors, a small stratum of elites and artisans, whose role was very important because it is they created weapons and objects of work and life. For nearly five centuries the valley of the river Po was a blessed place where was based the long-term settlement, built substantial buildings and developed agriculture and handicraft production. Commerce prospered and trade, which contributed to the rapid growth of the population. From the shores of Denmark and Germany the way valuable amber, here it is sorted, and part went to the Peninsula, and the part went to former at that time in the Prime of Greece.

Probably around 1,200 BC, at the height of its prosperity, civilization Terramar has entered a period of violent crises, the cause of which still remains unclear. Settlements were abandoned, the economy began to decline, and the organization of society evolved over five centuries, proved unable to overcome the unexpected difficulties.

Till our days survived only five necropolises era Terramar, mainly consisting of the cremated graves, - Capezzuto, Parma, Montata, Casinalbo, Pragathi. Along with burial urns in these necropolises were found on various grave goods, mainly associated with the decoration of the dead before burial, - hair clips, buckle, mother of pearl, tweezers, bracelets.

In Castelnuovo Rangone is a Museum and Archaeological Park of Montale, where tourists can visit the archaeological area and see the reconstructed settlement of Terramar. It also conducts workshops on the ancient craft techniques, create Souvenirs in the style of the bronze age, organize summer education camps for kids.

Another place where traces of the ancient civilization, the town of Santa Rosa Padico, which is still being excavated by archaeologists, and where you can see the ruins of the ancient settlement. Look at the artifacts in the Museum Terramar.