/ / Archaeological Museum of Artimino: pictures, description Museo archeologico di Artimino)

Archaeological Museum of Artimino: pictures, description Museo archeologico di Artimino)

Archaeological Museum of Artimino is located on the Piazza San Carlo in Carmignano near the Tuscan city of Prato. Here are the incredible artifacts discovered during the excavation of the necropolis of Artimino (Prato Rosello) and Koreana, as well as from the Etruscan settlement of Artimino and Petramarina. The archaeological area is surrounded by natural landscape, is considered one of the most beautiful in Tuscany.

The Museum occupies two floors. Exploring the exhibits starts with a visit to the first floor, where the history of archaeological excavations in Artimino. Here you can see the artifacts from the so-called "World alive" - from the fortified area Petramarina, two separate settlements in Artimino named "the Field of pheasants" (on the Viale Giovanni XXIII), as well as from the area of the Medici era "Paggeria" and various religious structures. The lower level is dedicated to the "World of the dead" and starts with the grave of the warrior of Prato Rosello", which belongs to the Golden age of Artimino (end of the 8th century BC - early 7th century BC). It also exhibits many other graves from the necropolis of Prato Rosello, including those that were previously not shown to the public. Many of the exhibits come from the burial chamber of the mound Tumulus B, as well as the area around mound A. Tumulus Among them - the famous amulet-buckeroo.

New exhibits can be seen in a special room is dedicated to funerary sculptures ancient times. Most of the Museum is devoted to artifacts from the necropolis of burial mounds, and Comeana Boschetti and Montefortini. Among the objects found there, some of which are exhibited in public for the first time, two amulets, antique dishes and bowls are beautifully decorated in the technique bucciero, incredible turquoise glass Cup, bronze parts and products from ivory.

Archaeological zone of Carmignano is rich in various valuable objects that were discovered in the mid-20th century in the framework of the work carried out by the Office for the protection of the archaeological heritage of Tuscany.