/ / Archeological Museum of South Tirol: photo description (Museo archeologico Dell'alto Adige)

Archeological Museum of South Tirol: photo description (Museo archeologico Dell'alto Adige)

The archaeological Museum of South Tyrol, located in the city of Bolzano, is one of the main attractions of the city and of the region Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol. Its most valuable treasure is the world-famous mummy ötzi.

The Museum was founded in 1998 year, specifically for the storage of mummies found seven years earlier on the glacier Similaun. Found her two German tourists from Nuremberg. They found the mummy of a body recently deceased mountaineer, but when she was taken to the University of Innsbruck in Austria, and it was immediately recognized by the mummy of primitive man.

According to scientists, the man, dubbed Oetzi lived about 3,300-m BC today it is the world's oldest human mummy. Thanks to her, scientists were able to "look" at incredibly far from us the copper age the European continent. Among the found with Oetzi tools were also found the world's oldest entirely preserved axe, equipment for fire, quiver with 12 arrows and a hatchet in sheath. And, of course, clothes.

Semilukskaya the mummy is now kept in a special chamber with a controlled climate at a temperature of -6ºС and humidity of 98%, which reproduces the conditions of the glacier where it was found. In addition to the original finds in the exhibition dedicated to Oetzi, you can also explore the reconstruction of their living conditions and to get acquainted with multimedia materials telling about the life of Oetzi in the context of the early history of the Alpine region.

Interestingly, after the discovery of Oetzi, the media immediately began talking about the curse of the mummy, is clearly inspired by "the curse of the pharaohs". It is known about the death of seven people involved in the discovery, research and study of the mummies, among which was the German tourist Helmut Simon, and Konrad Spindler, the first examined Oetzi in 1991-m to year. Four of these people died in the accident.

He Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol is housed in a former Bank building of the 19th century. His collection takes up 4 floors and learn the history and archaeology of the southern Alpine region from the Paleolithic and the Mesolithic age (15 thousand years BC) until the Medieval times (800 BC). And in 2006-m year, the Museum has placed at the exhibition devoted to the culture of Chachapoya - pre-Columbian culture that existed in Peru in 10-15 th centuries.