/ / Astronomical Observatory: photos, description (Osservatorio astronomico)

Astronomical Observatory: photos, description (Osservatorio astronomico)

Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Italian region of Val d'aosta was opened in 2003, the year in Saint-barthélemy at the height of 1675 meters above sea level. This location was chosen because of the low level of air pollution and at least 240 quiet nights in the year, suitable for observing the sky. Today the Observatory is a unique institution in terms of its functions and the instruments used. Equipment with the latest technology allows to carry out scientific research at the highest level. It is also involved in various educational programmes designed for teachers of local schools and students. The composition of the Observatory includes a meteorological center, a physics laboratory, a computer class. There is implemented a training programme consisting of two exhibitions and a series of illustrated panels depicting the solar system.

In 2008 year, the astronomical Observatory was equipped with a planetarium, intended for conducting educational conferences, educational tours and other activities in the field of astronomy. The planetarium consists of academic buildings with a dome with a diameter of 10 meters, which you can use to monitor all heavenly bodies - constellations, planets, nebulae and galaxies. Here it is possible to reproduce the movement of the celestial sphere in order to better understand the process of rotation of the Earth, or watch the sky in different periods and in different places. Just in the screening room of the planetarium can accommodate 67 people. Every year in September is held a colorful festival "Star party" in which a series of thematic conferences, special events and sessions observations of the night sky.