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ACI Castello: photo, description, (Aci Castello)

ACI Castello is a small town located in the province of Catania in Sicily, 9 km North of Catania. The city lies on the Mediterranean sea surrounded by picturesque settlements - ACI Catena, San Gregorio di Catania, Valverde. Located near Acireale is a popular resort known for its thermal springs and colorful carnival. The main industries ACI Castello are agriculture and industry.

ACI Castello grew up around the old castle, built in 1076, the year the Normans on the ruins of the Byzantine fortress of the 7th century. In 1169, the year after the eruption of mount Etna, many surrounding villages have become uninhabitable, ACI Castello started to grow. And the castle later became property of the bishops of Catania.

In 1296, the year of the Ruggiero di Lauria, who led the Aragonese fleet during the infamous Sicilian Vespers, received the ACI Castello and the castle as a fief for his success in the service of king Frederick III of Sicily. And when the relationship between the two men began to wane, and di Lauria swore loyalty to the Angevin dynasty, the castle was besieged and captured by Frederick III. Di Lauria was deprived of his feudal rights. In 1320, the year of ACI and the castle passed into the ownership of Blasco II de Alagona. And when he was defending Palermo from the attacking armies of the Angevins, one of Bertrando di Balz attacked the city and sacked it.

Today ACI Castello is a small town, which is visited by tourists to visit the old Norman castle. The castle now houses a historical Museum. Also the city is famous for its beach in the quarter of ACI Trezza.