/ / Basilica Dell'osservanza: photos, description (Basilica Dell ' Osservanza)

Basilica Dell'osservanza: photos, description (Basilica Dell ' Osservanza)

Basilica Dell'osservanza - Catholic Church situated on the outskirts of Siena on the hill Colle della Capriola. It was built around 1490 probably designed by architect Francesco di Giorgio, and in the years 1495-1496 extended at the initiative of a local ruler, Pandolfo Petrucci, who wanted to build a new crypt, to construct a family vault and to increase the adjacent monastery. Today it is the most important of Siena Church, outside the city - it was here that he once stayed St. Bernardin, an Italian priest of the 15th century, is the patron of communications.

Built in the Renaissance style, religious building seriously damaged during the infamous siege of Siena in 1554, and was later reconstructed in the Baroque style with its splendor and abundance of details. In 1922-1932 years in the Church were carried out restoration work, which also slightly altered its original appearance. But after only ten years, in the midst of the Second World war, the building was almost completely destroyed in an air RAID on the Siena committed by American troops in January 1944. Immediately after the war started the ambitious project to restore the ancient temple: using surviving photographs and various documentary evidence provided by the surviving monks of the neighboring monastery, was able to reconstruct the Basilica and return to her former glory. Today, the Basilica Dell'osservanza, whose name translates as the Temple of Reverence, is one of the largest religious buildings of Siena and interesting tourist attraction.