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Basilica of San Domenico: photos, description Basilica di San Domenico)

Basilica of San Domenico, also known as the Basilica Cateriniana, is one of the most important and most revered churches of Siena. It was constructed in 1226-1265 years, but in the 14th century the building was greatly modified, and acquired its present Gothic appearance. This great Church, like many other churches of the mendicant orders, built of brick and is equipped with a majestic bell tower on the left. The latter was somewhat reduced in size after the earthquake of 1798. The interior of the Basilica is quite unusual - it is made in the shape of an Egyptian cross with an enormous Central nave covered by trusses and a transept with a luxurious chapels. The Church contains several relics that belonged to St. Catherine of Siena, and her house is nearby.

Special attention deserves the chapel of the Cappella delle Volta - an ancient place of prayer of the monks, the Dominicans, associated with numerous episodes from the life of St. Catherine. Here you can see the painting "the Canonization of Saint Catherine", painted by Mattia Preti and framed on both sides by the works of Crescenzio, Gambarelli 17th century. On the Central wall is a portrait of a Saint - it is believed to be the world's only reliable image.

Not less interesting are the paintings adorning the walls of the nave, among them the "Madonna and child" by Francesco di Vannucci, "Eternity" Il Sodoma and predella with 15 scenes from the New Testament painted by Antonio Magaña. The altars on the right side is decorated with works of Stefano Volpi and Alessandro Casolani, there is the ark of St. Catherine. Nearby is a chapel in the centre of which the altar is kept the Holy head and her thumb. The marble floor of the chapel depicting Orpheus and animals attributed to Francesco di Giorgio. In the crypt, open to the public, you can see a crucifix by Sano di Pietro.