/ / Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore: photo, description Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore)

Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore: photo, description Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore)

Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore is a Church in Milan, named after the Christian Martyr St. Lawrence. Located on the territory of the city Park Basil" Basilica of Sant'eustorgio and Sant Roman column of San Lorenzo.

There are different opinions about when was built the Basilica of San Lorenzo, including one that will carry the Foundation of the Church by the 4th century. It is known that in the 16th century, the temple has been renovated but has kept its original Byzantine architecture with a dome and four towers resembling the spires of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia. A recent stratigraphic study of the walls allowed the identification of five stages of building of the Basilica, starting from the time of Theodosius I (4th century) and ending with the early Lombard period (6-8 th century).

Basilica of San Lorenzo has the shape of a quatrefoil with double hull and consists of an open Central area surrounded by deambulatorio semicircular pass gallery. The shape of the quatrefoil of a Church give four eksedry - deep niches with five arches each. A characteristic element of Byzantine architecture are the empor - balconies, which prayed exclusively women. Unfortunately, the empor survive, and internal polychrome decoration. The dome of the Basilica was rebuilt in Baroque style after the original collapsed.

Over the long history of the Church were adjoined to it several chapels, the most notable of which is the octagonal Cappella di Sant Aquilino, standing to the South of the building of the Basilica. Probably, the chapel was conceived as a Roman mausoleum - it preserves valuable Paleochristian mosaics of the 4th century. Also in the chapel are buried the remains of the martyred Saint, Aquilino, whose name it bears. Noteworthy reliquary of the 17th century, made by the Lombard architect Carlo Karawala, and mural Carlo Urbino on the wall behind the main altar.

On the square in front of the Basilica you can see the so-called the Column of San Lorenzo is one of the few buildings of the ancient Roman Mediolanum (Milan's predecessor), dated 3rd century and probably built by order of Emperor Maximian. In the former apse of the Basilica is now a Park.