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Basilica of San Petronio: photos, description Basilica di San Petronio)

Basilica of San Petronio - main Church of Bologna located in Piazza Maggiore and dedicated to the patron Saint of the city. In the 5th century Saint Petronio was the local Bishop. Today the Basilica of his name is the fifth largest Church in the world: its length is equal to 132 meters, width - 60 meters, vault height reaches 51 meters. Inside can accommodate about 28 thousand people.

The first Foundation stone of the future Gothic Cathedral was laid in 1390, when Antonio di Vicenzo was chosen as the chief architect of such an important city project. The construction lasted for several centuries: after the completion of the facade, in 1393, began the erection of the first chapels, which were completed only in 1479. In 1514 Arduino degli Arrigucci proposed a new plan of the Church - according to his view, she had to be in the form of a Latin cross in base to beat the St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. However, these plans were never realized - a project vetoed by the Pope Pius IV.

Finishing of the main facade for many years remained unfinished - it was taken by many architects, including the famous Baldassare, Peruzzi and Andrea Palladio, but for various reasons it did not budge. In the early 15th century Jacopo della Quercia graced the main entrance to the Cathedral sculptures, and two small side doors - images to the tune of the old Testament. His Nude Adam and other shapes are placed on the rectangular bas-relief, gave inspiration to the artists of the Renaissance.

The interior of the Cathedral is noteworthy for the image of the "Madonna with saints", performed by Lorenzo Costa the younger and a "Pieta" work'amico, Aspertini. Noteworthy wall paintings and colored glass Windows. Choirs were made in 15th century by Agostino de MArchI, while the ciborium is a creation Barozzi Jacopo da Vignola.

Since Bologna was the music of the Baroque era in Italy, it is not surprising that in the Cathedral of San Petronio at the end of the 16th century was established the first tools. In the 17th century there appeared two bodies, which to this day are in excellent condition.

In the left side aisle you can see a solar clock, installed in 1655 - the author is the astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini. This is the biggest sundial in the world - their length is equal to 66,8 meters.

The solemn consecration of the Cathedral took place only in 1954, and in 2000 was moved here the relics of St. Petronio, before which were kept in the Basilica of Santo Stefano.

Basilica of San Petronio has always played an important role in the religious and secular life, not only of Bologna, but also in Europe. In 1530 here was crowned Charles V, and in the 19th century - buried ELISA Bonaparte, sister of French Emperor Napoleon. In our time, in 2002, was arrested five men who planned to organize a terrorist act in the Cathedral. And in 2006, the Italian police again failed to prevent the tragedy - and then was captured by Muslim terrorists who wanted to destroy the Basilica, because, in their opinion inside the mural offends Islam. In this mural the work of Giovanni da Modena, depicts a scene from the "Inferno" of Dante, where of Mohammed tormented demons.