/ / Basilica of San Silvestro: photos, description (Basilica di San Silvestro)

Basilica of San Silvestro: photos, description (Basilica di San Silvestro)

Basilica of San Silvestro, dated 11-12th centuries, is the oldest Church in Trieste. Today it is also a center of Swiss and Valdesqui Evangelical community. At the end of the 19th century existed in Trieste the Swiss Protestant community, in spite of all the administrative difficulties that were attached valedinskaya community, which led to the development of the cultural and religious life of the city.

The facade of the great Basilica in the Romanesque style notable for the simple and elegant window socket. In front of what was once the main entrance to the Church, houses a Romanesque porch, surmounted by a belfry. Probably in the past served as a defensive tower on the ancient city wall, and the last renovation was decorated with elegant double Lancet Windows.

For centuries the Basilica of San Silvestro was a place of accomplishment of many historical events of Trieste, which is reminiscent of a stone with the inscription "et primum templum Cathedrale" ("first temple and the Cathedral). Another stone with a Latin inscription, visible above the main portal, perpetuates the memory of events that took place in 1785, the year - in the reign of Emperor Joseph II the Church of San Silvestro was put up for public auction for fifteen hundred florins. It was then that several members of the local Evangelical community Protestant denominations, mostly natives of Switzerland, bought the Church, renovated it, giving the building a classical look, and reopened the Church for worship.

In 1927, the year after the devastating earthquake, the Basilica had to be rebuilt - then it was returned to the original appearance of the 14th century. A year later, the Church of San Silvestro was declared a national monument. Has recently been completely renovated with valuable on the Basilica, which is used not only during religious services, but also often acts as the lead instrument in various musical events held in the Basilica.