/ / Basilica of San Francesco: photos, description Basilica di San Francesco)

Basilica of San Francesco: photos, description Basilica di San Francesco)

Basilica of San Francesco is one of the most famous temples of Arezzo, famous for its frescoes on the theme of the true cross painted by Piero della Francesca.

Once in Arezzo was another Church dedicated to St. Francis, but it was destroyed by enemy armies. Therefore, in 1290, the year the municipality appealed to the Franciscan order with a request to build the new temple. For these objectives one Eldino Cacciaconti gave the order of building in Arezzo, which he could not use, because they were in exile. It is believed that the architect of the Church was Giovanni da Pistoia, whose name occurs in the vellum of the 14th century. In the same 14th century a resident of Arezzo Monna Tessa donated to the temple a certain amount of money on the decoration of the facade since he had left unfinished, but this was only enough to finish the cap in this form Basilica of San Francesco has reached our days. In the 15th century on the left side of the Church was built a number of chapels, and about 1600, the year a bell tower was erected. In front of the Church lies the Piazza San Francesco with the monuments of math Vittorio Fossombroni and Pasquale Romanelli.

Inside the Church of San Francesco consists of a single nave, which is located to the left of the chapel, and the right niche. The main altar has the shape of a square. Under the Church is the small lower Church, Chiesa Inferiore, which is now partially used as an exhibition room.

The Church interior is decorated with several works of art, and particularly noteworthy are the works by Piero della Francesca in the main chapel, Cappella Maggiore. There are also the works of other artists - stained glass Guillaume de Marcillat, images of saints painted by Andrea del Castagno, paintings, Spinello Aretino and Luca Signorelli. In the 15th century by order of a rich family Bichchi began the creation of a fresco cycle in the Church, which first worked Bichchi de Lorenzo, and then it started Pietro della Francesca. The frescoes were completed around 1465, the year was renovated in 1992-m to year. The main plot of the series is the story of the true cross, which, after Calvary was lost, and after fifteen hundred years miraculously found and taken to Constantinople.