/ / Basilica of San Frediano: photos, description Basilica di San Frediano)

Basilica of San Frediano: photos, description Basilica di San Frediano)

Basilica of San Frediano Catholic Church, built in Romanesque style and named after St. San Frediano. It is located in the eponymous square in the Italian city of Lucca. The temple was built in the 6th century by order of the local Bishop of San Frediano and originally bore the name of the Spanish Martyr St. Vincent of Zaragoza (San Vincenzo di Saragossa). But after the death of the Bishop of San Frediano and the placing of his relics in the Church she was given the name San Frediano and Vincenzo. Today, the relics of the Saint are preserved in the main altar of the temple.

The Lombards a few altered Basilica and expanded it by organizing here a community of Augustinian monks. And in the first half of the 12th century, the Church acquired its present appearance. A little later, in the 13-14-th centuries, the facade is decorated with mosaics in the Byzantine style depicting Christ and the apostles the work of Berlingieri, Berlingieri, and later built a small chapel with various paintings of saints.

Inside the Basilica of San Frediano preserved early Christian layout, carved out of white marble, and in the center you can see the Romanesque font of the 12th century Fonte Lustrale depicting biblical stories from the life of Moses. Near the altar is another font, younger — 15th century. Of the attractions of the Church can be called the chapel of Santa Zita, with its relics, the chapel of the Trent with a polyptych depicting the virgin Mary with the Infant, and the chapel of the Holy cross with frescoes by Amico, Aspertini depicting saints Augustine, Ubaldo and Frediano.