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Basilica of Sant'abbondio: photos, description Basilica di Sant'abbondio)

Basilica of Sant'abbondio is one of the most interesting churches of the Italian town of Como, standing on the shores of the lake in Lombardy.

The current building of the Basilica built on the site of previously existing Christian Church of the 5th century dedicated to saints Peter and Paul and built on the orders of the first Bishop of Como St. Amantia. Built about a kilometer from the city walls, the Basilica was intended to hold some relics that belonged to two of the principal saints of the Christian world and which Amanti at the time, brought from Rome.

Until 1007 years of Sant'abbondio served as the chair of the Bishop of Como, which in 1013 by Bishop Alberic moved to the territory of the city. At the same time, the Basilica was handed over to the Benedictine monks, between 1050 and 1095 years rebuilt it in Romanesque style. The new Church was dedicated to the successor of Amantia - Holy Avandia, whose name was called. In 1095, the Basilica had a Central nave and four side aisles, was consecrated by Pope urban II.

The remains of an early Christian Church, discovered in 1863 during restoration works can be seen today - they are highlighted in black and grey marble. In addition, the Basilica is notable for two bell towers rising at the end of the outer aisles. A modest façade once decorated with a covered gallery with six Windows and the portal. Special attention is given to the external finish of the Windows choirs. Also worth seeing is the Romanesque bas-reliefs and the cycle of frescoes of the mid-14th century, located in the apse. Under the main altar of the Basilica the relics of St. Avandia.

The medieval monastery annexed to the Church and recently restored, it is planned to give the faculty of law at the local University.