/ / The Basilica of Santa Maria in Campagna: photo, description Basilica di Santa Maria di Campagna)

The Basilica of Santa Maria in Campagna: photo, description Basilica di Santa Maria di Campagna)

The Basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna is one of the most beautiful churches of Piacenza, a wonderful example of the architecture of the Renaissance in Northern Italy. Decorated with frescoes by Antonio Sacchi, known as Il Pordenone, it was built by initiative group of townspeople who wanted to preserve the old Church of the 16th century. The Church was built on the site of another religious building is the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Campagnola, in which the people worshipped the image of the virgin of the 14th century. According to legend, it was here, in the square before the Church, in 1095, the year the Pope urban II announced his intention to organize the First Crusade to the Holy land.

On the project of the Basilica was home to the local architect Alessio Tramelle, who was also responsible for the construction. The floor plan was typical of churches of that time with harmonious organization of space and well balanced. But at the end of the 18th century it was modified in the course of structural renovation when one of the nave was lengthened to create choirs and the chancel, which survived until our days.

The scenery of the Basilica is excellent, especially the frescoes covering the walls. Among the eminent masters are the Antonio Sacchi, nicknamed Il Pordenone - he drew a picture of St. Augustine on the entrance wall and painted the chapel Cappella dei Magi and the Chapel of Santa Caterina. Adjacent to the nave wall visible works by procaccini, Camillo and Gaspare, Traverse, and in the vestry is preserved a canvas Gaspare Landi and Giulio Campi. The chapel of Sant'antonio artwork by Pietro Antonio Avanzini, by procaccini Camillo and the Bibiena brothers. In addition, in the Basilica you can see the work of Alessandrosaramin, Antonio Triva, and Ignazio stern, and the chapel of Santa Vittoria Martire - Ferrante Moreschi, Bernardino Gatti, Paolo Bozzini, Ludovico Hiking and Daniele Crespi. Over the crossing of nave and side aisles, rises a wonderful dome with a picture of the Holy Father and the angels. The dome was painted with frescoes of Pordenone and Solaro. Interesting and the floor of the Basilica, made of colored marble for the project of the Milanese artist Giambattista Carr. Also noteworthy is the statue of the Farnese Ranuccio I work Francesco Moki beginning of the 17th century.

The area in front of the Basilica in the past has long served as one of the borders of Piacenza, together with the walls of the Moore Farnesiana. Today you can see the city hospital and the nursing home name Vittorio Emanuele.