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Basilica. Antonino: photos, description Basilica di Sant'antonino)

Basilica of Sant'antonino, dedicated to the patron Saint of Piacenza, whose relics are still kept inside, was founded in the 4th century. It was one of the main points for pilgrims walking along the via Francigena, which was converted gallery portico del Paradiso. The present Church was designed in the 1350-year local architect and sculptor Pietro Vago. Here in 1998-m to year there was a huge statue of Pope Gregory X, the only Pope born in Piacenza, made Giorgio Groppi.

Of particular interest is the internal portal - it was built in the 12th century under the influence of the creations of nicolò da Ferrara. The exterior of the Basilica has undergone several changes as a result of which the original layout was redesigned. The last such transformation took place between 1915 and 1930 years by the architect Giulio Arata. Changed and the interior of the Church, such as the original wooden vaults were replaced by cross-vaults in a late Gothic style in the 16-17th centuries was rebuilt the chancel, and in the 19th century, the columns and walls were decorated with pseudo-Gothic decorations. These and other restoration work has hidden some of the original paintings, which had great artistic value, for example, a cycle of frescoes of the 11th century, a rare and interesting example of medieval art Piacenza. But many decorations of the Basilica are preserved in good condition, murals Camillo Galasetti in the presbytery and Robert de longe on the walls there. Some decorated the Church today kept in the Museum "Capitolare", among them, a Baroque crucifix, Brandizzo", highly respected residents of the city, as well as altar partition of the 15th century depicting scenes from the life of St. Anthony and the painting Gian Battista Trotti, known Maloso "the Coronation of the virgin Mary". It was in this Church in 1183, the year discussed the terms of the truce between Frederick Barbarossa and the Italian communes, in memory at portico del Paradiso was laid a memorial stone.

Stretched in front of the Basilica of Piazza Sant'antonino is one of the main in Piacenza. In the Middle ages it was one of the religious and economic centers of the city, through which passed the road via Postumia (Pavia) and the via Emilia, as well as the pilgrimage route to Rome, the via Francigena.